18 April 2013

Going bald for a good cause

I recently shaved my head for the Leukaemia Foundation Worlds Greatest Shave and thankfully I raised $3,100.00 in honour of my grandmother.

You can read my story here and watch my shave here:

So because I made such a dramatic change I had to do a photo shoot to remember that amazing life experience.

To ensure the photos were memorable, I had to enlist the services of one of Sydney's best photographers Manny Zervos of Kounelli Photography and also a really talented Make-up artist Karen Burgoyne.

Check out the pics:

Let me know what you think. 

17 April 2013

Product Review - Dove Pure aerosol deodorant

It has been a while since I have reviewed a product but I had to review Dove Pure Deodorant.

I have overly sensitive skin, it reacts to everything. So I had try this new antiperspirant from Dove, as it is specifically designed for sensitive skin.

Here's my review:
Dove Pure roll on & aerosol deodorant
THE TEXTURE:  Light spray

► No fragrance, No parabens, No colourants, No alcohol, 1/4 moisturising cream,

It claims to do this: Dove’s Pure deodorant has 1/4 moisturising cream to actively helps skin put back what shaving takes out. 
With no unnecessary ingredients, Dove Pure contains nothing more than you need to keep your skin healthy. Dove Pure provides 48-hour protection.

On my skin, It actually does this: It sprays on lightly and has a really beautiful smell. I had absolutely NO reaction to Dove Pure Aerosol (I don't use roll ons) after trialing it for 1 week.

Dove Pure lasted for 24 hours and felt smooth on my skin.

Dove Pure did leave white marks on my clothes but that was a small price to pay for comfort and confidence.

Dove Pure deodorant last longs and smells good and it does not irritate my sensitive skin.  

I love Dove Pure deodorant. It is my new deodorant. 



AVAILABLE: From all good grocery and pharmacy stores

For more information on Dove Pure please contact elsie garland public relations

Check back next week for another great review.